Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Take 10 minutes today to remember those who gave everything for liberty...

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day - Black Panther Style

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This Memorial Day I wanted something a little different. This video I found on You Tube it is the reenactment of the capture of a German prisoner in the Saint Nazaire area of France by the 66th Infantry Division. My Grandfather was a member of the 66th Infantry. The people of St. Nazaire made this video as a "Thank you" to the 66th for liberating their town of German occupation. If my Grandpa was alive today I believe he would say a simple "Your Welcome."

Thank You Grandpa for putting your life on the line for freedom. Thank You, to all the American soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines for keeping us free!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Registration Scammers?

Bookmark and Share Appears Coloradoans are going to be "assaulted" by people forcing Obama registrations. Here is a link to a local news story from KKCO. Word of advice... register at clerks office, there are criminals scamming people everywhere and some of them don't just work for the Obama campaign.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

You May "Fly Over" but you Cannot Stop a Train

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In Fruita, Colorado, on a sunny day you can look overhead and see the paths that  large aircraft have taken as they rushed their passengers and cargo from one coast to the other. Air travel is an amazing American invention where hundreds of people can climb into an metal tube and in hours travel across this great land.   A journey which took months on horse and wagon, weeks in a train and days in an automobile. A sure sign of progress. The trip is fast, relativity inexpensive (for how many miles are traveled) and efficient.

Also in Fruita, Colorado several times a day you can hear the rumblings of  hundreds of tons of locomotives and train cars passing through town. They are also efficient, but  it is a different kind of efficient. While an aircraft can get you from one point to another quickly a train can carry more weight from "point A" to "point B" than an airplane can, even though this mode of travel is much slower.

This is analogy is representative of how I think the American political spectrum is shaping up the last 4 or 5 years. The liberal left is representative of the pretty, new, and shiny aircraft. The conservative right is representative of the mechanical, aged and dark locomotive.

Four years ago the country wanting a quick escape from economic hardships, and trials of battles fought abroad they leaped at the chance to board the "Hope and Change" airliner that promised to whisk them out of their current doldrums and take them to a new and exciting place. A place where all things promised were shiny and new and the their problems could be solved in a speedy journey into the "wild blue yonder".

As the 747 zipped across the country the passengers could look out the sealed windows from the climate controlled cabin and witness the checkerboard pattern of rural American farms as they zoomed to their promised destination . Unquestioning his abilities and experience, they trusted their pilot and let him take control of their journey.

At train stations located 30,000 feet below there was another type of American boarding the "Liberty Special". A 100 ton steam locomotive, billowing black smoke and cinders.   The "Liberty Special" passengers boarded feeling confident that the locomotive would arrive at their destination safely and securely because the Liberty Special had made the journey many times over a hundred years.

As the Liberty Special  lurched forward to start her journey, the Hope and Change airliner had already traveled hundreds of miles passing legislation like the "Stimulus bill", the automaker bailout, "Cash for Clunkers" and "Obamacare". The pilot rushing to his destination, never opened the cockpit door to check on the status of his passengers. With the high speed of the aircraft and the lack of experience of the pilot the passengers were getting ill. They started to realize they had made a mistake on how to travel to the destination.

The Liberty Special was slowly creeping to speed in 2009 when Chris Christie was elected Governor of New Jersey, Scott Brown elected to the Senate and the birth of the Tea Party movement. By 2010, the Liberty Special was approaching full speed with the sweeping Congressional election. The passengers of the train know that the safest way to arrive at your destination was to rely on Liberty. The path they take is trusted and secure.

While it is true that the passengers on the Hope and Change may be on approach to land, the passengers are violently ill then they realize that one of the large engines on the plane had failed due to poor spending habits of the airline company. The pilot, in an effort to comfort his ill passengers, let them know that the reason for the failure of the engine and reason for their illness was due to the negligence of a locomotive engineer that was was operating a train four years ago. Then through the window the pilot notices a large flock of Canadian Geese.....

The moral of the story is take your time, enjoy the trip and always take Liberty over Hope and Change

A little video of the Silverton Train with music by C.W. McCall both in the Great State of Colorado.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Social Economics 101 - Reagan VS. Obama

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Hello Boys...I'm Back!!!

After a bit of an absence, I have returned! My apologies for all those who were enjoying reading Plumb and Square  when I suddenly "went off the air" way back in January of 2011. My issues have cleared up and I am returning to blogging full time again. Please be patient while I reacquaint myself with the page and clean up bad links and stuff. If there is something that you like to see (or dislike) please let me know. Thank you for coming back (hopefully) to Plumb and Square.  Todd
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Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Will Return....

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If you are a regular reader of Plumb and Square you might have noticed I have not posted anything in quite a while. Because of some personal circumstances, I am suspending adding posts for about 6 months. I love blogging and as General MacArthur said when he left the Philippines..."I  will return!"

To get your "fix" of local and political blogs let me point you to some of these other great guys who will be "Watching your back" until I can return...

Gene at Living the Grand Life
Rick at  War on Wrong

Clint at The Quantum Conservative
John at John Linko

Thank you for patience and for reading Plumb and Square.  Todd

Sunday, January 2, 2011

We're Number Two!!

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If I read the numbers correctly Denver Broncos will have the number two overall selection in the NFL Draft. That and seeing Tim Tebow's promise are the only reasons this whole year wasn't a waste.

I can see the Broncos selecting Patrick Peterson from LSU. He is a super fast Cornerback. Maybe Da'Quan Bowers from Clemson, a very talented Defensive End. Either way I get to spend the day today and draft day in April the same way ...Chanting... we're number two, we're number two.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

R. Lee Ermey on Obama

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If you are one of those mamby pamby socialists out there, this clip is not for you. For the rest of you I believe you can relate...

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Guest

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I hope you have a Christmas guest...

Merry Christmas from Plumb and Square!


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